friday five

1. So far I have taken both girls by myself to Target, the grocery store, the park, the library, the post office, the mall (3 times!), McDonalds, and the doctor's office.  And each time we have arrived home alive I have congratulated myself on being a superhero.

(lots of pacifier love around here)

2. Though I am relatively comfortable with taking 2 children out and about I have yet to master the whole "take care of the house" part of my job description.  Bryan comes home at 5:30 every evening to find me sitting on the couch completely overwhelmed and surrounded by the effects of Hurricane Jilly.  We are so lucky to have the most amazing friends and family- Mattie will be one month old tomorrow (ack!) and I have yet to prepare a main dish for dinner.  We have had delicious meals pouring in and our sweet friends either A. think we are pigs or B. are just very generous (or probably a little of both.)  Every meal has fed us at least twice.  We still have dinners in our freezer and you better believe I am loving this break.

3. My sister Leslie graduated from high school this week.  We were sad we couldn't be there, but we did watch the graduation online.  Never have I been more grateful to be an Anderson- once Leslie had walked we were done (and the rest of my family had to stay and watch the other 500 students graduate.)  Jilly loved looking for Leslie, and then proceeded to tell me she saw other members of the family graduating as well.  Whatever you say Jilly girl.

4. This week was our annual Relief Society Garden Party.  For dessert we had fruit pizzas (idea from this pin) and they are my new favorite summer party dessert.  We just bought the sugar cookies and got strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries to go on top.  For the frosting, we mixed up cream cheese and marshmallow cream.  They were delicious, and I ate more than I am willing to admit.

5.  My very favorite thing that happened this week:  We were meeting up with some friends and after getting ready Jilly told me, "Clark and Mayzie will love my dress."  I assured her they would.  When we saw our friends Jilly walked right up to 3-year-old Clark and said first thing "You like my dress?"  And he responded, "Oh yes it's pretty."  That kid is going to make some lucky woman very, very happy one day.


Shauna said...

See, I told you having 2 isn't so bad and it just gets easier. You are a superhero!