Summer Dress #2

My grandma gave me lots of pretty purple eyelet lace fabric last summer and I'd been looking for a way to use it.  I finally used this tutorial to make a dress for Jilly.  I love her tutorials so much because they have lots of great pictures and are easy to follow.  
 And Jilly loves this dress, which is saying a lot because we have had some rough two-year-old weeks full of tantrums because her dresses are "not working."
I wanted to take some pictures of Jilly in the dress before she went to bed so we walked over to the newly-blooming rose garden in our neighborhood. 
Jillian loved the flowers and was especially fascinated by the snail we spotted hiding under one of the bushes.

Spoiler Alert: there is a coordinating dress for baby sis and I cannot wait for her to get here so I can enjoy my matchy girls.


Christina (Cha) said...

I LOVE that dress!! Super cute. And, I am so glad it "works". Baby girl is coming so soon!!!

kali said...
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kali said...

I love that Jilly is always wearing 3 necklaces! That dress is so adorable!

Lisa Michelle said...

So cute! I love it!