five on friday

1.  It is May, which means we are having a baby this month which totally blows my mind.  This week was so, so busy and flew by.  I hope the next few weeks are just the same!

2.  Blake and Lisa came to visit for a night which we loved.  "Bake" and Jilly are getting old enough that they can finally talk to each other and and really play together which is hilarious.  We took the kids to the park and to the library to show techy Blake the new iPads in the children's section, but I'm pretty sure their favorite activity was screaming while chasing each other in circles around the house.  Lis and I managed the chaos, chatted to our hearts content, and sipped on cherry limeades and Italian sodas (what can I say, we like our fancy drinks!)

3.  Thanks to Bryan and his kind parents I had a few free hours this week.  I was able to get a fresh pre-baby haircut and tons of errands done which would have taken me forever with my usual sidekick. You better believe I also got some decent sleep in as well.

4.  I had a girls night out with some friends this week. We got ice cream then weren't quite ready to head home to husbands and children so we wandered through Target and almost all bought matching flats (sadly, they didn't have everyone's sizes.)

5. On Tuesday a friend mentioned that she was taking her kids to the Chick fil A family night for dinner.  I looked around at my freshly-cleaned kitchen and decided that going out for dinner was an excellent idea.  Jilly got her arm painted with a rainbow and butterflies and loved showing it off for days (yes, that means we went a few days without a bath- this girl has me totally wrapped around her finger.)

**As I read through this I realize it's no wonder it was a great week, I was totally spoiled all week long!


Emily said...

Definitely a fun and spoiled week but something you certainly deserve and probably won't have much of in the coming months! Agreed, I hope the next few weeks fly by for you :)