big girl room

Sometimes I feel like this baby is forcing Jilly to grow up too fast.  But then every time I introduce something new she takes it like a champ.  Sleeping in a big bed? she sleeps better than she ever did in her crib.  Potty training?  this girl was totally potty trained and accident-free by day 3.  She puts her shoes on by herself (never on the right feet, but that doesn't really matter right?), sits at the table like a big girl, and helps with her few little chores. So I guess she really is becoming a big girl and not my baby anymore.

I've had a lot of fun making Jilly a big girl room.  It's not terribly different from her old room, but for some reason to me it seems like a dramatic change.  And, I love that this room screams Jilly.  It's pink as can be and full of her favorite things- dresses, books, blankies, and babies.  Bryan says the room glows pink, and I admit that it kind of does.  But, she'll only be two once, and I'm so glad that she has a fun bedroom that she loves.

left wall- bow holders, armoire, US map, rain gutter bookshelves, free ABC print that I cannot find anymore- bummer

under the window- baskets for dolls, dress-up, and stuffed animals (one night I'm going to sneak in and throw away half the animals in that basket.)
 My friend Megan made a similar heart garland for Valentine's Day.  I was sitting on the bed reading books with Jilly one night and suddenly realized she needed a heart garland for her headboard so I got to work.  Jilly and I have many a battle over the hearts- I think they should be evenly spread apart and she likes to squish them all together on one side.  Drives me bonkers (do I sound like a control freak or what?!)
Clearly big girl beds were made for jumping
Closeup of wall art-  Jillian Kate print made for us by a friend (find her work here), Idea for the LOVE print from here (took me about 10 minutes to make with my cricut and scrap paper), You are my Sunshine printable, and I am in desperate need of finding something square to put underneath the picture of Christ with the children- any ideas?
tent, closet. door


Steph said...

Her room turned out adorable! I also love that Jillian's middle name is Kate ;) We did a similar art wall for our nursery. I mixed and matched some shapes though using coordinating fabric on embroidery hoops. Cheap and easy, especially if you use fat quarters :) You can see it here: http://stephandjon-alston.blogspot.com/2012/07/more-nursery-pictures.html of course we have also changed it a little bit since then. I have a square owl art print that has Kate's name on it and a friend also painted an owl on canvas for her which fills in space to the left. Happy crafting!

Suzie Soda said...

How about 2 squares with pictures of her grandparents :) I am sure there are millions of ideas on pinterest. I will look. It turned out really cute. Good job! xoxo

Lisa Michelle said...

It looks amazing!! Way to go, Rach! And I bet Jilly loves it. What a perfect room for a big girl like Jilly. :)

Katie said...

Love how girly she is! Perfect room for her.