five on friday

1.  Except for a few windy days, the weather has been perfect for the past few weeks.  Jilly's requests of "we go to park?" have been frequent and frequently satisfied.  We go almost every day, and Jilly can almost always convince us to go again after dinner.  Jilly has gotten lots of practice with her bike and pushing a stroller, and our arms are benefitting from hours of swing pushing.


2.  On Sunday we skyped with my family and Jilly counted to ten for them.  Joking, my dad said, "Okay now in Spanish" and he started her out with uno then she said, "dos, tres, cuatro, cinco!"  I was floored- never in my life have I practiced counting in Spanish with her; that knowledge is 100% from watching Dora.  Who says kids don't learn from tv?

3.  Last week I finished listening to Code Name Verity.  It was so, so good that I immediately started listening to it again.  It has a great twist at the end so it's fun to read again knowing the ending and being able to pick up on so much more.

4.  Have you tried a cherry limeade from Taco Bell yet?  They're only $1 from 2-5pm and I'm obsessed.  Please don't think less of me when I tell you I've had four in the past week.  We have a Taco Bell right by our house and I end up there all too often.

5.  We are exactly one month away from D-Day.  Sometimes I feel like I want this baby to come RIGHT NOW and other times I feel like I am not ready at all.  We have all the necessities, I'm just not sure I'm ready for our life to be turned upside down.  But, baby girl will be here before we know it, and we are so excited to have her join our family.


Shauna said...

Corbyn learns so much from shows. I swear half of his vocabulary comes from watching Jake and other Disney shows!

kali said...

Ah, Dora...
We have a love-hate relationship :)

Lisa Michelle said...

Yay for Dora, but let's be honest...Jilly is pretty much super smart like her mom and dad so no surprise that she picks up on everything. :) one more month! ...or less ;)