five on friday

Five things silly Jilly has done this week:

1. Jillian has started calling Bryan "Bryan."  She thinks it's so funny, and so does he.  The other thing that's funny is she has no clue what my name is.

2.  She discovered scissors this week.  I bought her a little pair of preschool safety scissors and gave her a pile of scrap paper then let her snip away and she was happy as can be.

3.  I love watching Jillian get excited for baby sis.  This week she was laying on my stomach and the baby kicked her.  She sat up and and said "Woah!" then she pulled up my shirt to see what was under there.  Another day she sang "head, shoulders, knees, and toes... and baby!" and pointed to my belly then laughed at her funny joke.

4. We've moved on from Anastasia to Beauty and the Beast.  We watch at least part of it every day.  Jilly's also loving Sleeping Beauty (we don't have the movie, but we read the book many times a day.) Aurora, or as Jilly calls her "Au-yaya" is the current favorite princess.

5. We were at the grocery store and I asked Jilly to give me a kiss.  She smiled then kissed the bananas sitting in our cart.  Stinker!!


Lisa Michelle said...

Oh, how I love Jilly. :) she is so cute and funny. Glad to hear that baby is kicking!