five:: Valentine's Edition

1. In celebration this month I made two different kinds of cookies (and didn't get pictures of either.)  I first made peanut butter cookies with chocolate hearts in the middle.  They were fine, but not amazing (I struggle with making moist peanut butter cookies.)  Bryan's mom always made sugar cookies for Valentine's so I've tried to keep the tradition going despite never being very excited about all the work involved.  But, let me tell you, I finally nailed the sugar cookies this year.  They were so good that I'm contemplating making St. Patrick's Day sugar cookies.

2. Jilly and I went to visit Lisa and Blake earlier this week.  It was so fun to just chat and relax and let the kids play together.  And, Lisa made me pink waffles with strawberries and caramel syrup- yummmm.

 3. On Valentine's Day Jilly and I were battling colds so we mostly laid low.  We did go to the library for a little bit, ran to the grocery store, and heart-attacked Bry's car at work on the way home.  But for the most part we watched Sleeping Beauty, napped, and played at home.

4. For Valentine's Dinner Bryan had the brilliant idea to get crab.  Yum and yum.  It made me laugh to see my dinner next to Jilly's dinner.  I tried to get her to taste some crab but she would have nothing to do with it when there were chicken nuggets around.

5.  I realize all the pictures I have from this week are food.  Major fail.  Jillian had three different Valentine's outfits this year so she was decked out in hearts and pink all week long.  I was a little limited by my maternity wardrobe but managed to wear red and pink all week.  And even Bryan got into the spirit of things wearing his pink tie to church on Sunday, his red t-shirt at night when he'd come home from work, and a red dress shirt to work on Thursday.  We're slowly chipping away at him.


Emily said...

I'm so happy that Elise and Jilly have matching plates. Gotta love the Target $1 section!! It looks like your favorite holiday was a success once again! The crab dinner looks delicious- great idea!

kali said...

We made the peanut butter heart cookies as well :)
I loved them - but that's probably not because mine were better. I just really love peanut butter!
I'm impressed you wore pink all week!

Suzie Soda said...

Post the suagr cookie recipe..I always love to compare. xoxo