last day

Friday was my last day watching Freddy.  I had told his mom that I would keep watching him til the end of April, but once she started looking she quickly found a daycare that she liked and needed to get him in before the spot was taken.

I have very mixed feelings about losing Freddy.  I know that it will be much better for our family to just be us when the baby comes.  And, I'll be glad to have more freedom on Mondays and Fridays, and not feel like I should be up and dressed those days by 7:30am.


But, it has been a great blessing for us.  Jilly and Freddy adore each other.  They get so excited to see each other in the morning, and after naps they would always immediately ask for the other.  Having Freddy was like having a built in play date 2 days a week, which was awesome for my social butterfly daughter.  They would talk to each other in their limited two-year-old vocabulary and make each other laugh so hard.  They also worked out a great system for sharing- they learned that if they wanted what the other had all they had to do was find an even better toy to tempt what they originally wanted out of the other's hands.  They would make huge messes, and there was definitely fighting, but for the most part they really enjoyed being together.
 It was also good for me.  I gained confidence I'll need for having two kids of my own.  It definitely took longer than usual, but I could get both kids ready with diapers, snacks, socks, shoes, and jackets and into the car.  We went to the park, the bookstore, the library, and many stores together.  Granted, 2 two-year-olds is very different than a two-year-old and a newborn, but I at least know that I can be responsible for two children and keep them alive and happy and stay sane myself.  It also felt great to contribute a little bit to our family finances.  We'll miss you Freddy!!