new books!

My wonderful friend and past roommate Britney sent me a Barnes and Noble giftcard for my birthday. This was an extra special treat because I almost never buy books (clearly that is what the library is for.)  I thought long and hard about what book I wanted and eventually decided on:

Janssen raved about it last year and 96% of the time I agree completely with Janssen (I can't actually think of a time when I have disliked a book she recommended, but I'll leave myself 4% just in case she goes crazy.)  I impatiently sat on the waiting list for this book at the library, and then when I finally got it I read the first couple chapters and decided it was a book I wanted to own.  So, I now have my very own copy and can finally finish Dinner: A Love Story.

While I was in a book buying mood I decided to get something for Jilly.  We struggle a lot with reverence during church.  Jillian can't sit quietly for 15 minutes let alone an hour plus of Sacrament Meeting.  When we were in Virginia my mom had a lift the flap book that Jilly loved and stayed pretty quiet with so I bought her a Lift the Flap Bible.  I'm going to try to keep it special and just for church, but I did let her read it in the car on the way home and she loves her "Jesus Book" as she calls it.


Shauntel said...

I hear you on the reverence issues. We have a "church bag" with toys just for church, but I struggle with finding more church-oriented toys or books that aren't, how shall I say this, lame? :)

I'm def going to pick up this book. And this is our go-to toy (all the kids in front of and back of us at church love it too!):


Both girls love the animals (and it comes with TONS), and Belle loves sounding out the words and matching them up to the right animals.

P.S. Thank you thank you for mentioning me again. And that printable really is my favorite. So glad you love it too.

Janssen said...

HA! I will try not to go crazy :)