Harry Potter forever

The main reason we went to Florida was to go to Harry Potter World!!!!  We are Harry Potter nerds to an extreme degree so when my parents said they wanted to take everyone for Christmas we were ecstatic.  It was kind of a wreck of a day- it rained on and off (mostly on) all day and the park was super crowded with lots of long lines but nevertheless we had a wonderful time.  It is amazing to be there; I can't even describe how happy I was just to walk around and see everything.  And the girls were so, so good.  Jilly was tall enough for a few of the smaller roller coasters which was really fun, and we also spent some time at the kids' areas in Universal.  Mattie took a long afternoon nap in her stroller, and both girls fell asleep at night and peacefully slept while we went on a couple more rides and watched the fireworks.  It was the best day.

Number 12 Grimmauld Place

the Knight Bus

Back Story- HP World was Day 4 of our trip and while driving from the coast to Orlando Bryan realized that both of the shirts (yes both, meaning he only brought 2) he had were dirty.  So he dropped us off at our hotel and went on an expedition to find a new shirt.  At 11pm he got back to the hotel proudly wearing this beaut...  I think Florida really got to him.  Also, the thing Bryan was anticipating the most was butterbeer, and it did not disappoint.  

Before and during Jilly's first roller coaster- it went pretty fast but she was brave and got braver all day long

Our ponchos played double duty- protection from the rain and helping us to always be able to find our "blue family"


Kathryn Story said...

I'm not going to lie, going to Harry Potter World is my dream!! Haha. It looks like so much fun!

Shauna said...

I love the story of Bryan's shirt - especially since it is so something Rog would do! So glad you had fun!

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

"Jealous" does not even begin to describe my feelings about this post. But so glad you guys had an awesome time. And Bryan's shirt...wow.

Kelsey said...

Butterbeer is delicious. Did they have the WB Studio of the Harry Potter set while you were in London? That was quite amazing and I highly recommend you put it on your must see/do list if you haven't seen it yet. Harry Potter World is def on my list!