a salvaged day

Tuesday morning at our house started bright and early and very, very grouchy.  It was so terribly freezing cold, and we were back home after our fun weekend adventure but not quite ready for real life again.  At 6:30 Bryan headed for work and left me to the wolves.  The only sounds I heard all morning were whining or crying or screaming and usually all three at once.  I really thought this would be the day that did me in.  I figured things couldn't get any worse so I stuffed the girls in boots and coats and headed to Walmart.  For once in its life the store (bless its heart) was fairly empty.  We whizzed through grabbing what we needed then headed to the Valentine's aisles because rumor had it there were Red Velvet M&Ms and that was something I couldn't pass up.  And there we found the most amazing sight- a whole aisle full of every size and species of stuffed animal we could think of.  The girls were in heaven as I let them climb over, kiss, and cuddle every single one.  We stayed for a solid 20 minutes and I took a few pictures then a lady passing by insisted on taking a picture of me with the girls "so you'll always remember this time."

And then we celebrated our improved moods with a trip to Ikea for free kids' lunches and free wifi.  And to hear Jilly say, "Mommy, don't you think I need this bed for Valentine's Day?!"  Nice try girlfriend.  Not even a wipes shortage during a diaper disaster or a chocolate milk fountain all down Jilly's dress (we just took the dress off and she went nakey under her coat) could bring us down.


Jana said...

It's these days that always remind me how hard it is to be a mom, but that im pretty awesome at it :)