four fact friday

1. hates clothes.  First thing out of her mouth every morning is "wahn tay offf" (want to take it off.)  She'll wear a onesie, but getting any other clothes on her is a big major fight.  And since our temps haven't been above freezing all week it's been a fight we have on the regular.

2. oddly enough, loves wearing her pink beanie

3. started saying "Gee-yen" (Jillian.)  Funny because we hardly ever call Jilly "Jillian" but it's Mattie's preferred name for her sister.

4. favorite food is chicken and if she's not given enough she'll growl "chikken! chikken!" over and over and over.

1. has discovered Look and Find books and I cannot check them out of the library fast enough for her

2. loves puzzles; they're one of our favorite afternoon activities during Mattie's nap

3. is a rule follower.  She's constantly reminding me that "I already watched a show so I can't watch another one" or "I can't have chocolate milk til I finish my lunch" or "Mattie's asleep so I have to be really quiet."  Makes my life nice and easy.

4. moved up to a new class in primary and her teachers are a a cute young couple.  She told me "I like the girl but I DO NOT like the boy."  Can she not like boys forever please?


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

So cute. I need to do more posts like these since the only reason I really keep up my blog is to remember this kind of stuff. Your girls are growing up so quickly!
Random place to ask this question, but have you heard anything about the cryptology museum in the Baltimore area?