You've had a birthday

I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone who likes birthdays more than me.  I get more excited for Bryan's birthday than he does.  Since his birthday was Sunday this year, we got to party all weekend.  And, since Jilly's birthday is next week, the party is just never gonna stop around here...

Friday- birthday sundaes at Leatherby's.  There was a groupon earlier on in the week and I knew it would be a great way to start our weekend.  We could drink their caramel, yum yum yum.

the spoon was not fast enough so she started shoveling ice cream in with her hand- that's my girl!

Saturday- birthday bike ride.  I had a baby shower and I texted Bryan earlier in the week asking if he'd mind watching Jilly for a couple hours.  His reply, "Yes, you should go.  Jilly and I have stuff to do."  When I asked what stuff they had to do he said "You would like to know wouldn't you? I'll give you a hint.  It will be fun."  I never found out what exactly they did for those 2 hours.  For dinner we went to Red Robin.  Free birthday burger + free birthday sundae = win.

Sunday- birthday buttermilk pancakes.  I consider these fancy pancakes since they're a little extra work so they are usually saved for dinner.  But it was a special occasion and I wanted to go all out.  We went to birthday church (actually is very similar to regular church, but more exciting when called birthday church.)  For his birthday dinner Bryan wanted hot dogs wrapped in bacon.  Apparently they're the new sensation on the streets of San Francisco, and Bryan's brother raved about them.  Bacon wrapped hot dogs did not disappoint.  And then we had birthday brownies, ice cream, and hot fudge (Bryan and I are united in our belief that cake is overrated.)  We enjoyed having some friends over to celebrate and then called it a weekend, a very good birthday weekend.
you know you want one...

my brownie making assistant


Janssen said...

That sundae is making me wayyyyy too anxious to eat ice cream at eight thirty on a Monday morning.