Baby Soup

No, this is not a soup made of babies, but that would be delicious too, wouldn't it? (Kidding, promise.) When Jilly was born my mom made a double batch of this soup and left it in our freezer. We had it many, many times over the next month and never got sick of it. Every time I eat this soup I think of my sweet tiny baby and how amazing my mom was/is. Now it is my go-to meal when taking dinner to a family with a new baby. To me, this soup is comfort food at its very best.

Midwestern Chowder

4 chicken breasts - boil in water - then cut up
2 cups of the water the chicken cooked in                               
2 cups diced potatoes

1/2 cup sliced carrots
1/2 cup chopped celery (confession- I never add celery)
1/4 cup chopped onions
1/4 cup margarine                                                                         
1/4 cup flour                                                                             
2 cups milk                                                                                    
10 oz mild cheddar cheese, grated                                  
1 1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp pepper2 cups creamed corn                                                                    

Combine potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, salt, pepper and water.  Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.  Do not drain.  Make a cream sauce with margarine, milk and flour.  Add cheese and stir until melted.  Combine sauce and vegetables.  Stir in chicken and creamed corn.  Heat through, but do not boil.


Lisa Michelle said...

Awesome! I'll have to start bringing this to people. I gotta admit, though, from the title, I thought this was going to be a very different kind of post...