Little Red, the Wolf, and Booritos

This morning I've been reading blog posts of many friends whose toddlers "thought Halloween was the best night of their lives."  They all had darling costumes, yummy candy, and big smiles.  Well, after last weekend there was no way we were going that route.  I was disappointed, but figured we'd just have a fun Halloween dinner at home and hopefully get a few trick or treaters.

And then Pandora changed everything.  I was listening while cleaning up and suddenly a commercial came on announcing that anyone who went to Chipotle in costume could get a $2 boorito.  I texted Bryan, "We have a plan!"

Bryan met us at Chipotle after work and threw on his costume.  We got yummy booritos and J got a quesadilla but then she ate most of mine begging for bites of "wice wice!" (Costumes were ripped off the moment burritos were in hand.)

We came home and lit our pumpkins which enthralled Jilly.
Then I made them put their costumes back on.  Let's pretend that face is because she's afraid of the big scary wolf dressing up as her Grandma, and not that she HATES the cloak she's ripping off.
 Jilly took her role as donut distributor very seriously
 Until she thought of the brilliant plan to hoard them all in her tent
So, a successful Halloween after all.


Jamie said...

Don't feel bad. For two years Ty has refused to wear a costume. I pick my battles. I wish he would but he hates it! Just know I'm in the same boat!

kali said...

We went to Chipotle, too. It basically turned out to be a ward activity because so many people came!
Bummer she didn't wear her costume, but it's a really cute idea and Bryan's looked good :)

Lisa Michelle said...

Bryan's costume is AWESOME! And Jilly's cloak looks adorable--I'm so sorry she wouldn't wear it. So glad you were able to salvage the night. Loved your pumpkins! Remember that year Bryan was gone and I was pregnant and alone, so I spent hours and hours carving that Spongebob pumpkin? Anyway, it took SO long, I've wimped out on carving ever since. But knowing Jilly loved the lit pumpkins, maybe I'll get my life together next year for Blake.