Friday Five

1.  Jilly is turning into such a kid.  This week I vacuumed the couch and some kid switch in her brain went off and she knew the right thing to do was to jump off the couch onto the pile of cushions.

2.  I made Jillian's Halloween costume this week and... she's not very fond of it.  We have a few weeks to either convince her a red riding hood cape is fun to wear, or think of a new costume idea.

3.  Jilly got locked in the car yesterday.  It was parked in the garage and I was taking a load of groceries in the house.  I let Jilly sit in the car and play for those few minutes without realizing the keys were still in the car also (luckily just sitting on the seat, not in the ignition.)  Somehow by the time I got back to the garage all the doors were closed and locked.  Yeah, I panicked a little bit.  After ten minutes of unsuccessfully trying to teach Jilly how to push the unlock button I called Bryan and had him come home from work with the spare key.  I was definitely the most traumatized by the experience- Jilly thought it was fun the whole time to make faces at me through the window.

4.  At the library this week I grabbed The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier and for the first time I understood the phrase "reading a cookbook."  I sat down and read every single page while salivating uncontrollably.

5.  Remember our fifth anniversary 3 months ago?  Well, the summer was so busy that we put off celebrating then realized that if we waited til October we'd get a screaming hotel deal so here we are celebrating.  We're dropping Jilly off at her Nana and Papa's and heading to Monterey for a couple days.  Yay!!


Emily said...

I would have been panicked about locking her in the car too!! Thank goodness Bryan saved the day! Now it can be a funny story you tell about Jilly :)

Woo hoo for saving money and your anniversary! Have so much fun in Monterey!

Emily said...
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Lisa Michelle said...

(1) You need to watch this episode of Up All Night (The episode is called Home/Office). You would especially appreciate it now. :) http://www.hulu.com/watch/406302#i0,p0,d0
(2) I can't wait to see the stuff you cook from the Pioneer Woman cookbook (btw--did I tell you I made that chick-fil-a sauce you recommended. Everyone in my family--especially Blake--is obsessed.)
(3) I hope you had so much fun in Monterey!