friday five

1.  On Tuesday Jilly woke up early from her nap because she lost her pacifier.  I could tell she was still tired so I brought her to lay on my bed with me while I read.  1.5 hours later we both woke up from a lovely nap.

2.  Bryan sent this to me this week and it was the funniest- and truest- thing I read all week.

3.  We've been working on saying prayers with Jilly.  This how it goes- Me: "Thanks for our food"  J: "Food, Amen!!!"  Me: Thanks for our family J: "Family, Amen!!!"  Me: "Thanks for our friends" J: "Friends, Amen!!!" etc.  All "Amens!!!" are accompanied by an exuberant raising of her arms.  I'm glad she inherited some of my southern roots.

4.  Poor Jilly had a rough week.  On Wednesday she got a yucky, yucky stomach bug that was no fun at all.  On Thursday she was back to her healthy, perky self but as we were leaving JoAnns she got her fingers slammed in the car door.  Poor baby, but I think she secretly liked that she could show me her owie every 5 minutes and get kisses.
my sick girl sleeping on the couch

5.  We're getting family pictures taken tomorrow and considering we haven't had family pictures taken since Jilly was a newborn I think it is well overdue!


Alyssa Jacobs said...

I've been sleep training Hannah and that ecard made me laugh. Corbin sleeps right through it all while I'm up all night... how true, how true!!