This past weekend we went to another pumpkin patch, this time with Bryan's family.  The little girls were in heaven with all the animals and fun things to do.

 That feisty sheep bit the bow right off Kirra's head!  He tried to chew the bow, but it wasn't so tasty so he spit it out on the ground (you can see the bow right below his ear.)  
 First pony ride- we were afraid she would get nervous and not stay on, but oh were we wrong.  She's a natural cowgirl.

 We drove back to Bryan's parents house and the girlies napped, the moms cooked, and the dads played (isn't that how it always goes...)  Then it was party time!  Apparently we're the lame ones in the family because all of Bryan's siblings had cute costumes and ours were lackluster at best (and Jilly still refuses to wear hers.)

 We played a funny game where the guys put on shower caps then we sprayed shaving cream all over their heads and threw cheese balls at them.  I love how excited Trevor is.
And the mummy game
 And then we ate and ate and ate.  Homemade corndogs, donuts, yummy dips, salad, beans, and I made this fun spidery 7 layer dip.  I'd say a successful Halloween party.


Erick and Megan said...

HA! That sounds like the best game ever!! I want to play that! I can't wait to see your family pics!

Lisa Michelle said...

The Halloween party looked like so much fun! That Martinez clan sure knows how to have a good time.