Our Weekend

Early Friday morning we dropped off Miss Jilly at her Nana and Papa's to be spoiled for a few days
 And we headed off to spoil ourselves.  First stop- Carmel Beach.   We walked along the beach for a bit
 Then I settled in with this lovely view while Bryan played in the water
 We checked into our hotel which had a boardwalk that went straight out to the beach so we got to see this

 Then we drove back to Carmel to eat the most delicious meal of our lives.  Bryan informed me that we are old and boring because we always go out to eat early so we made sure on this occasion to eat late with the cool kids.  On our way back to the hotel we stopped for a treat (Rocky Road for me, Phish Food for Bryan)
 After sleeping in and eating a yummy breakfast we biked through Monterey.  No pictures because I look totally ridiculous on a bike (there may or may not have been an incident involving me, my bike, a bush, and lots of watching strangers.)  But it was gorgeous and so fun to ride along the coast.
 Then it was back to the beach- the water for Bryan and a nap for me (I was taking full advantage of my childless time.)  And then we headed home so we could squeeze little Jilly before she went to bed.
 We spent Sunday eating up Jilly, General Conference, and cinnamon rolls.