Five on Friday

1. This week I started watching a little boy named Freddy on Mondays and Fridays.  He's just a few months older than Jillian and super sweet.  It has been an excellent exercise in sharing for Jilly, and preparation for me to one day have 2 children (luckily they nap at the same time- bless them.)

2.  Bryan has been gone for most of this week, but luckily I've had Parenthood, Lark Rise to Candleford, Flavia, and some wonderful real friends to keep me company.

3.  I made this homemade syrup for chocolate milk a couple weeks ago and at first it was a very different taste than I was used to, but now I looove indulging in a cool glass of chocolate milk once Jilly has gone to bed.

4.  We bought our plane tickets for Christmas in Virginia this year!!

5.  Fall is finally here and we are basking in the cool weather and crunchy leaves.


Lisa Michelle said...

I make myself chocolate milk, too! This is why we're friends. :) I need to check out that new show you were telling me about.