San Jose

Lisa invited Jilly and me to come visit and stay the night since her Bryan (we married boys with the same name to make life less complicated) was going to be out of town.  We never turn down offers from Lisa, and were glad we didn't because we had an excellent time.

playing in the mall play area
a little Jamba break
 co-ed bath time (one day they'll hate us for this)
 all clean and ready for bed
 we went to a fun farm and playground in the morning
my brave girl feeding the goat

 Oh, the food.  Lisa made me the most delicious tomato basil garlic pizza, breadsticks, and caesar salad for dinner then eggs, bacon, and scones for breakfast.  Oh yummmm.  Then before we left she made sure to provide a yummy bowl of homemade ice cream.  Seriously that girl is the best.  
Thanks Lisa and Blake!!!


Lisa Michelle said...

Yes! So glad you got a picture of the co-ed bath. :) Seriously, we had the best time. Thanks again for making the drive!