five fact friday

1.  This week I switched out my summer clothes for my fall/winter ones and in the process made a nice pile of clothes to get rid of.  Jilly had fun playing dress up with the rejects and with this hat she found in her room.

2.  On Tuesday I had a meeting so Bryan and Jilly went off on an adventure together.  He rolled down her window and she absolutely loved it.  He said she never stopped laughing until they had to stop at a light and she said, "I want more!  I want more!"

3. At the library this week Jilly found her own cookbook to read- Sesame Street "B" is for Baking.  

4. This is what our computer looked like Sunday morning.  Jilly was watching Felix Baumgartner and the world's highest skydive while Bryan was captivated with Barbie Island Princess.

5. This Saturday is the annual Martinez family Halloween party which I look forward to all year for one thing- homemade corndogs.  Can't wait.