ten things

There are many things about our home that I'm not crazy about (ask Bryan, he could give you a whole list of my complaints) but I'm trying to be better about focusing on the good.  So, here are 10 things I love about my home:

1. The stripes!  I know I've posted about them a million times already, but oh, those stripes, they make me so happy.

2.  Light- because we have lots of big windows our home is almost always bright and sunny.

3.  I love the color we chose for our family room walls.  Sometimes it looks like a solid gray, sometimes it's blue-ish, and sometimes it's so light that the color is imperceptible.  (it's Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray)

4. Two closets in the master bedroom.  I can't even begin to tell you how beneficial this is for our marriage.

5.  These lovely flowers in our "front yard" always make me happy

6.  These baskets are perhaps the best purchases I've ever made.  There's one basket for books, one for stuffed animals, and one for miscellaneous toys.  Cleaning is so quick and easy; even Jilly can figure out where things go.  Jilly's room is the most organized room in the house and I love it.

7.  There is a skylight in Jilly's bathroom.  I love it for the bright light it provides and the lovely noise rain makes when hitting it.  There was a skylight in my bathroom growing up and I always loved to listen to the rain in there as well.

8.  These jars are functional and I love the way they look on my kitchen counter.  My aunt gave us the M jar when we got married and we've slowly added the rest.

9.  When we moved in we got new carpet everywhere (except in the kitchen and bathrooms.)  This was a very stressful purchase that involved testing about a million carpet samples.  But it was all worth it because I absolutely love what we chose.  There is nothing better than walking on fresh, new, fluffy carpet.

10.  This bathroom is Bryan's true masterpiece (besides Jilly of course.)

What do you love about your home?


Merrick said...

Such a cute little house!

And we got two baskets for all of B's toys, and same thing...clean up is SO easy now.

Janssen said...

Doesn't light make the biggest difference?

I love having two windows in our bedroom and I love our apartment complex, with EIGHT other LDS couples with children.