Dear Folsom Library,

Thank you for being our most favorite place.

Your automatic doors are so much fun to run through.

You obviously are full of books that we love to read- even lots of board books that are Jilly-proof.

You have an awesome play area with legos, puzzles, and- our favorite- poem activity tables

You have computers!  And they are computers that are old and durable and I don't have to pay for them so I'm a lot more willing to let Jilly explore.

You have self-checkout that pops out a receipt that Jilly can grab herself.

Outside you have fountains and rocks that a little girl can stare at and possibly get a little bit wet in.

You also have benches that a mom can sit on while telling her little girl to put the rocks back and not get too wet.

Just across the parking lot, you have a playground! And a zoo!

And, here's the clincher, you have an attached cafe that sells ice cream.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Rachel & Jilly


kali said...

Wow, that's a nice library! I want one!

Janssen said...

That looks amazing! I love our library, but no ice cream there!