"I wish you could stay a thousand days"

We were so, so lucky to have a visit from Nana and Papa last week.  The weather was terribly uncooperative with all our outdoor plans but we still managed to have a great time.  When she was saying goodbye Jilly said, "I wish you could stay for a thousand days!" and we all agreed.

We picked them up Tuesday afternoon and gave them a taste of Baltimore rush hour traffic coming home from the airport.  We ate dinner and the girls loved giving them a tour of our new house.

On Wednesday Jilly and Nana went on a special date to the mall then Mattie got to stay home with Nana and Papa while I helped at Jilly's preschool.  That afternoon it stopped raining for a bit so we headed over to Weber's Farm.  Everything was super wet and soggy so the best parts of the farm were closed (the slides and hayride) but on the plus side they let us do all the other activities for free.  And we got a gallon of the most delicious apple cider there ever was.  

^ This was the funniest way to feed the goats.  They would all crowd around the chute and fight each other for a snack. 

^ Mattie LOVED the hay maze.  She ran and ran and giggled like crazy.  

Thursday was all about food.  We met Bryan for lunch at the Pennsylvania Dutch Market and got a taste of pretty much all they had to offer (stuffed pretzels, chicken pot pie, beef sandwiches and, of course, our favorite donuts.)  In the afternoon we baked sugar cookies and Papa taught Jilly a tricky way to fold a shirt.  And for dinner we feasted on Chesapeake blue crabs and crab cakes.  It was a delicious, fun, and very messy meal.

On Friday morning we decorated our Halloween sugar cookies while Bryan worked in the morning.  He came home at lunch then we all went downtown.  It was a miserably cold, windy, and rainy day so we didn't get to walk around the harbor at all but we went to the National Aquarium, which was amazing!  We bought a membership and I'm so glad we'll get to go back again and again this year.  And of course no trip downtown would be complete without Shake Shack (this is actually what Jilly was most excited to do with Nana and Papa.)

^ It took every ounce of bravery she could muster but Jilly touched a jelly! 

On Saturday morning we took the girls to Target to get some wiggles out while Bryan and his dad worked on some projects at home.  We spent the rest of the afternoon eating snacks and watching General Conference and were so lucky that there was a break in the rain between sessions so we could go for a walk around Loch Raven reservoir.  

That night during dinner the girls put on a show with their funniest faces.  Nana and Papa left early early Sunday morning and were missed immediately.  Come back soon!


Kylie Martinez said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Also, I love the new the look to your blog. Very cute.