Roomy Reunion

11 years ago this fall I moved onto the 6th floor of S Hall and met some amazing girls who are still some of my very best friends.  I was thrilled when Lisa booked a flight to come visit and then we convinced Britney to drive out from Ohio.  It was so fun to spend a few days with these girls I love and admire so much.  And Bryan didn't mind their visit either, he walked in one night to a happy house with someone making dinner, someone doing dishes, and someone playing with the girls and said, "wow, I can see how sister wives would be appealing."  My other favorite quote of the weekend was when our neighbor saw that Bryan had a house full of females.  He said, "Man, I know you don't drink, but these are the times that beer was made for."  I'm glad to report that Bryan didn't ever turn to to the bottle.

Britney and Lisa got in late Saturday afternoon and we went out for a delicious sushi dinner and spent the rest of the night catching up.  Sunday was our primary program so they put up with me running around crazy in the morning then in the afternoon Lisa was so nice to take family pictures for us.

On Monday we went down to the Inner Harbor.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time walking around and eating at Shake Shack (come visit me and there's a 99% chance I'll take you there.)  Then we said goodbye to Britney, who had to head back for a work meeting.  That afternoon my girls snuggled with Lisa and made her read them 8,000 books.  On Tuesday morning we took Lisa on a little hike at a nearby park then had to drop her off at the airport.  We're so lucky to have had Lisa and Britney visit and we're counting down the days til we get to see them again!


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Yay!!! I don't think anyone's had a lovelier time in Baltimore than I had. Thanks so much for having me! And your neighbor's quote to Bryan....HILARIOUS!!! And so true. Are we sure Bryan didn't turn to the bottle? ;) If he didn't that weekend, than I think he's officially safe on the wagon.