Friday Five in the Fall

Fall in Maryland is absolutely magical.  The weather is perfect, the trees are magnificent, and I'll take many many more weeks like this one please because I know we'll shortly be staring down a long, cold winter.

ONE | My family came to visit last weekend!  We had a great time with them at Weber's Farm and then met Katie and Neal for dinner. 

TWO | Jilly started ballet again.  I realized at the last minute that she needed new ballet shoes so it was a mad scramble the morning of her first class to find some (ballet shoes were sold out everywhere!) but we did and she was ready to go with time to spare.

THREE | After reading Room on the Broom I let the girls watch the movie but apparently it was too scary for my little fraidy cats (am I a terrible mom for taking this picture?)  Luckily the story ends happily.

FOUR | Jilly's preschool class had a field trip this week.  We learned about the farm from Farmer Wayne, fed the baby goats, got lost in the corn maze, had relay races, and got to pick a pumpkin.  It was so much fun, and preschoolers are hilarious.

FIVE | We went apple picking for the second time this season.  It was my friend Jenni's birthday so I made muffins that the kids enjoyed on my front porch before we left.  The drive up to Pennsylvania was incredible and the orchard was so beautiful.  We picked (and ate!) lots and lots of apples and Jilly convinced all the kids to play her favorite game Family and I convinced my friends to take a jumping picture, and I was super grateful to have a van to fill up with friends.


Kylie Martinez said...

:) I love your little girlies! I also am jealous of your fall. Love you guys!