A good day

If there's one thing I've learned as a mother it's that there are good days and bad days (and good moments and bad moments.)  We need the bad to appreciate the good, but sometimes it's nice to just forget the bad and only think about the good.  Today was a day that turned out quite good.

Some highlights:

+ Jilly reading Mattie princess stories while I got ready this morning

+ Reading almost all of a Magic Tree House book to Jilly (she wanted to save the last chapter for tomorrow.)

+ Surviving a quick trip to Walmart

+ Dropping off and picking up Jilly from preschool on time (on Friday I was 2 minutes late to pick her up and she was the very last kid in the room and a little teary-eyed.  #momfail)

+ Washing and folding all the laundry

+ Being able to help a friend who needed a babysitter at the last minute

+ Taking a scooter ride to the park and enjoying the most gorgeous weather

+ Making dinner even though Bryan was working late (he worked late Thursday and Friday so I didn't make real dinners, we went out on Saturday, and were invited to a friend's house for dinner Sunday, so it was about time I turned on my oven.)

+ The girls turning a box into a rocket while I made dinner

+ Playing a game and having pudding for family night

+ Putting the girls to bed and watching You've Got Mail (a tiny perk of Bryan working late is getting full control of the tv)

Nearly perfect days like this don't come often so I'm going to hold on tight to this one.