five on friday

ONE | General Conference last weekend was so, so great.  I started this week feeling inspired and invigorated.  I especially loved Elder Nelson's message to women (found here.)  I also loved having a relaxing, cozy weekend as a family.  

^ Bryan is meditating, not sleeping ;)

TWO | It wasn't my favorite way to spend a week, but I decided to potty train Mattie and she's rocking it.   Nothing makes a two-year-old seem bigger than wearing a little pair of undies.

THREE | Jilly and Mattie are way into I Spy books lately which is fantastic because they can "read" them all by themselves.

FOUR |  I've wanted to make a family tree for years.  I've been collecting ideas on pinterest and finally this week I finished ours and I seriously love it.

FIVE | Remember how I said Mattie's nursery teachers were the cutest, sweetest humans alive?  Now I have proof.  They're the older couple in this video.  Love them!


Shauna said...

Lol, love that picture of Bryan "meditating." Can't believe Mattie is old enough to be potty trained! Glad she's doing well. Potty training is no fun, but so nice when it's done!

Kelsey Kofford said...

I love your family tree!