Five on Friday

ONE | We're soaking up Fall as much as we can.  This week we had pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin snickerdoodlespumpkin cake, pumpkin donuts, and apple cider.  We went on a walk and crunched leaves, went to two Halloween parties (more on those later), finally got our heat fixed (!!!), and had chili for the first time this season.  November is exciting because it's birthday central for us, but this October has been a really great one.

TWO | Mattie filled up her potty chart so she got to choose a prize at the dollar store.  And thus this mermaid Barbie joined our family and her head fell off 2 minutes later.  Luckily it's easy to pop back on and Mattie is so, so proud.

THREE | This is what I get for reading my girls the book Sophie's Squash.   Don't think we'll be eating this squash as she's nestled snuggly in bed right now.

FOUR | Jilly saw the commercial for spooky pancakes at IHOP and begged and begged for us to make some.  As usual, Bryan is the breakfast champion.  Not only did they look cute but they were also delicious.

FIVE | As an early birthday present for Jilly we went to see Disney on Ice and boy was it a hit.  The girls loved getting dressed up and the show was so magical.  Mattie danced like crazy and screamed every time a new character came out and I looked over at the end of "Let it Go" to see Jilly wiping away tears. 


Shauna said...

I love Disney on Ice! We used to always go for my birthday because it usually comes to Utah the first week of March.

Gleason Family said...

Oh how it makes me smile to see Mattie wearing that cute red flower jacket! :) miss you all!!!

Erick and Megan said...

Looks like you had the place to yourself! We need to go back to Disney on ice! It's been too long. Love watching these girls grow! And what a fun toadstool table!