Halloween 2015

This week was full of Halloween festivities which meant that for me it was a week of constant curling and braiding hair.  The girls loved any and every chance to dress up and we now have a ridiculous amount of candy (that I am all too quick to scarf down along with my girls.)
Last Saturday was our ward Fall Festival.  Primary was in charge so I was at the church Friday night from 4 til 11pm setting up.  Luckily the party was a huge success so I suppose it was worth all those hours (probably not, but we won't dwell on that.)  For weeks Mattie told everyone she was going to be Minnie Mouse but at the last minute she insisted on wearing her Elsa dress from last year (that is way too small, but whatever.)  Jilly loved wearing her Rainbow Fairy costume.  I told Bryan he was in charge of decorating our car and was totally annoyed when he was throwing something together at the last minute, but I have to admit he nailed it.  We bought this skull last year and to make it less scary named it Ken so Jilly calls him Ken the Bonehead and he's practically a member of the family.

Jilly's preschool party was on Wednesday.  On Monday when I picked her up from school she said that she couldn't wear her fairy costume because her costume was supposed to be a surprise and she had already told her teachers she was going to be a Rainbow Fairy.  So I let her choose from our dress up and she came up with Rapunzel.  It was a fun little party and Rapunzel was perfect for our long-hair lover.

A few random scary things- Jilly loves to try on accessories and have me take a picture while we're shopping.  This mask was totally creepy on her.  Then I was cleaning our bathroom and noticed there was some space at the back of the vanity behind the drawer and I found a tupperware with someone's denture floating in a mystery liquid.  Seriously creepy and gross. 

On Friday the mall right by our house was doing Trick-or-Treating so we dressed the girls up again and went over with our neighbors.  We are so, so lucky to have these cute girls next door.  

After the trick-or-treating we had our Halloween dinner with homemade corndogs, bone cheetos, banana ghosts, carrot sticks, and grape witch's brew.  The girls loved having a fun candle-lit dinner.  After dinner Bryan and I carved pumpkins while the girls painted theirs.  

^ my favorite little buns

And Saturday was finally the big day!  We spent the day doing usual Saturday stuff- a trip to Lowe's (where we saw this enormous pirate minion), going for runs, and yard work.  Katie and Neal came up that evening and we had pizza, took the girls trick-or-treating then had a fire in our fire pit in the backyard.  

Whew, we had lots of fun, but holiday weeks are busy!


Shauna said...

That Rapunzel braid is perfection!