Five on Friday

ONE |  We had to get new tires and I was totally dreading it but I finally bit the bullet and went one morning.  The girls happily watched Curious George, then Daniel Tiger, then part of Sesame Street and I read a third of The Martian.  So it ended up being not a terrible morning at all.

TWO | We went on a field trip with Jilly's class to a fire station.  Jilly loved it and Mattie was terrified of everything and did not let me put her down the entire time.

THREE | I'm slowly updating our "mud room" (really just a little area off the kitchen but it will do the trick.)  We painted a chalk wall last week and while I loathe the chalk dust that is always everywhere I do love watching the girls decorate the wall all day long.

FOUR | It's been a busy week around here.  I watched a little girl Monday morning, a little boy Tuesday morning, two boys Thursday morning and then two girls Thursday afternoon.  We always love having friends over and I especially loved how sweet Jilly was playing with cute little Julia.  

FIVE | This fall has been so long and delightful.  This week we were still in the 60s and the girls loved playing in our huge leaf pile.  Then we got a big rainstorm yesterday, which turned out to be very fun when we put on boots to go out and jump in puddles.