Friday Five

ONE | Last Friday Bryan and I toured the cemetery where Edgar Allen Poe was buried.  It was fascinating and just a little creepy, the perfect October date night.  

 TWO | My friend Emilee is fighting breast cancer and this week we got our pink shirts to support her.  

THREE | Jilly is a budding photographer.  She loves making little scenes then taking a million pictures on my phone.  

FOUR | On Wednesday while Jilly was at preschool Mattie and I ran to Costco.  She fell asleep on the way home and since there wasn't much time before pickup I let her nap in her car seat while I unloaded the groceries then enjoyed some peace in the car listening to Ann Romney's book In This Together (which I love.)  It was not a bad afternoon.

FIVE | Oh, the leaves.  I can't get enough.  We love how the trees line our street and make a leaf canopy and now that those leaves are exploding with color we love our street even more.


Judi Coburn said...

The shadow of the man on the grave freaked me out a bit....ghosts?!?!? Haha.