Ain't no party like a Paulsen Party

In our last few years at BYU the Paulsen's lived a few doors down from us.  They were the awesome kind of neighbors that we'd drop in and end up staying for hours because we just really liked them a lot.  Now they live about an hour away so not only do we get to hang out with them again but we also get to watch our kids become friends.  

This past weekend they came to check out some Baltimore sites and spend the night with us.  Unfortunately there were protests in the city on Saturday so we didn't dare go down to the harbor liked we'd planned, but we did go to Fort McHenry (the location of the battle that Francis Scott Key witnessed which led him to write The Star Spangled Banner.)  It was a perfect place to learn some history but also had plenty of room for the kids to run around.  Other highlights of the weekend were burgers at Gino's, a shopping trip for Anna and me while all the kids stayed with the dads, church, a picnic in our backyard, and a Sunday walk at the park.  We were so, so lucky to have a full weekend with the Paulsen's.  

^ Cutest jailbirds I ever did see; during the Civil War Fort McHenry was used as a prison

^ these two were the cutest little frog watchers

As I type this our city has gone crazy.  We've been glued to the tv for 5 hours now and it's not getting better fast.  We're far enough out of the city to be perfectly safe, but it's so, so sad to watch.  Please say a prayer for Baltimore.


Shauna said...

Rog was telling me about the riots while we were eating dinner and my first thought was your family. Stay safe friends!

Kristen Fitzgerald & Trevor Martinez said...

So scary that you guys are so close. But I also think it's great that you can still find fun and safe things things to do an have a great weekend. its good to focus on the good the world has to offer.

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

I watched an American Ride about Baltimore that talked about Fort McHenry. So cool!