girls' weekend

Bryan went camping last weekend and besides having a sleepover we did some other fun girly things while he was gone.  On Saturday morning I (finally!) took the girls to see Cinderella.  Jillian was dressed to the nines- dress, gloves, slippers, and purse.  I was a little nervous about Mattie lasting through the whole movie but she did great.  When Cinderella arrived at the ball Mattie stood up and clapped.  I really really loved the movie and maybe cried. twice. 

During Mattie's nap Jilly played with our neighbor for a little while then we painted our nails.  It was a gorgeous day so later in the afternoon we picked up a pizza (one of the best parts of B-More is that Papa John's gives 50% off when the Ravens/Orioles/Capitals(hockey) win so we've never paid full price for pizza) and had a picnic at the park.  I think my girls misheard when I said "we're going to the park" and thought I said "we're going to the Kentucky Derby." 

Bryan came home late Saturday night and we all enjoyed a lovely Spring Sunday together.  After church, post-church pictures, naps, and dinner we went to a park that had rows and rows and rows of daffodils.  As far as weekends go, this was one of the best.

^I do the music in Primary now so I came up with this outfit so the kids would actually pay attention to me. I think it worked and Jilly was totally jealous ;)