friday five

1. We recently got a Shake Shack in Baltimore so my friend Alli and I headed downtown to check it out.  It was just as delicious as I expected (the girls and I inhaled our concrete and my cheeseburger...yum.)  After eating we figured we had already made it and found parking downtown so we walked around the harbor for a while.  It was so fun to chat and enjoy the beautiful day.

2. I watched another friend's six-month-old twin boys this week.  My girls were in heaven- a baby for each of them!  I laid Mattie down for her nap while they were still over and when she woke up and they were gone she said, "The babies! Where they go?" and started crying.  As sweet as these little guys are I hope I never ever have twins- it was a very busy few hours!!

3.  Nothing says spring to me like the click clack of little jellies.  Jilly got some new ones this year (try saying Jilly's jellies 10 times fast) and they have strawberries on the bottom and smell like strawberries.  One day Mattie was sad about something and to cheer her up Jilly said, "hey Mattie, want to smell my shoes?"  I had to laugh.

4. The girls got new nightgowns this week from their Nana.  I'm afraid this is only going to feed Mattie's obsession with wearing pajamas.  At least she looks darn cute in them.  Nana also sent new "bop flops" as Mattie calls them.

5. With Spring-ish weather arriving (still kind of cold but we'll take it!) we've been walking to the park in our neighborhood as often as possible.  Bryan made up a new game where he stands on the edge of the bridge and bounces it while the girls sit in the middle laughing hysterically .  It's too bad he's such a boring dad.

Happy Easter and Happy General Conference!