five fact friday

one- I was getting ready one morning and Mattie suddenly got very upset.  It took me a few minutes to realize she was saying "hair down! hair down!" I had put my hair in a pony tail and she did not approve.

two- Jilly is beginning to live up to her bossy older sister role and always has a specific plan for exactly how she wants Mattie to play with her.  I'm having to remind her over and over again that we have to let Mattie make her own choices.  

(this tree has three times as many blossoms now, it's the happiest thing right outside my kitchen window)

three- Mattie and Jilly were playing so well one afternoon I didn't realize how late it had gotten.  Instead of giving Mattie a late nap and then having her up all night I decided to just skip her nap that day.  Baaad, baaaad idea.  Naps for life.

four- Bryan is camping with the young men from church tonight so I made Jilly's life when I told her she could sleep in bed with me (for my protection, obviously.)  She turned into the darling dearest girl and even came out of bed just to tell me thank you and then went right back in.  Bryan may need to find a new sleeping quarters when he gets back.

five- Mattie has this new little queen wave where she keeps her fingers close together and barely rotates her wrist.  It's the best thing ever.