friday five

one-  It is increasingly apparent that Mattie is nearing the terrible twos.  She's feisty and very opinionated and sometimes can be a real pill.  But she can also charm the pants off you when she wants to.  She hit Jillian this week and after time out I told her to say sorry.  She then spent the rest of the day saying "Sorry Gee-yen" at random.   Jilly accidentally bumped Mattie and right on cue Mattie said "Sorry Gee-yen."

two- Jillian and Mattie sometimes have a tumultuous relationship but this week was mostly up.  When Jilly came out of her ballet class Mattie was so excited to see her that she ran to Jilly and gave her a huge hug that made them both fall over.  Also, I hope these girls are prepared to wear matching dresses for the rest of their lives because I'm addicted.

three- I love watching Jillian grow up.  Sometimes her lazy mom can't get breakfast going fast enough so Jilly gets the waffles out of the freezer, toasts them, puts them on plates, and gets the syrup and PB out.  Also, since Easter is over Jilly is rearing for the next holiday so I told her about Mother's Day.  She calls it "Girls Day" and told me today "Daddy and I will get you a present, and you and Daddy can get me a present!"  Right-o.


five-  Our Primary President is moving so our whole presidency was released a couple weeks ago.  We wanted to go out one last time together so Shake Shack it was (for those counting, this was my third time in 6 days.)  These girls are the very best part of Baltimore, besides Shake Shack of course. ;)

five- It is finally feeling like Spring around here.  One day we were in the car and Jilly pointed to a tree and said, "What's that?  Is it snowing?"  I assured her it wasn't snowing then looked for the tree she was looking at and realized it wasn't snow, it was white blossoms she was seeing!  We're so happy to have flowers instead of snow on our trees.

Happy Weekend!


Kali and JT said...

Hey is that girl in the middle named Janice?? I think from freshman year?

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

That picture of Jilly at breakfast and you calling her Jillian makes me realize how grown up she is! Can't believe it!