An Eggcellent Weekend

Easter Weekend is always exciting, but Easter + General Conference Weekend is extra special.  On Saturday morning we went down to the Inner Harbor where I may or may not have gone to Shake Shack for the second time in three days.  My excuse is that Bryan hadn't been yet, but really I just couldn't stop thinking about those shakes (and I'm about due for another one.)  It was fun to walk around for a while since we'd spend the rest of the day inside.  We dyed Easter eggs while listening to General Conference; Mattie cracked 3 eggs and Jilly dyed all of hers pink so... a success.  We also made cupcakes and chow mein noodle nests.  Jilly, who loves holidays just as much as her mama, had memorized our agenda for the day and kept me on task.  She also told me over and over "this is my best day!"  It was a good day, but I'm quickly learning that holiday hoopla with kids = exhaustion for parents.

On Easter morning the girls got a few little things in their baskets and we had an egg hunt at home.  Mattie is our resident chocaholic and had eaten her weight in candy before Jilly even had one piece.  After breakfast we drove to my sister's house where we had another egg hunt in her back yard.  We watched Conference and between sessions walked on a trail behind their house where we found a fun little tepee and Jillian went on the rope swing (so scary!)  We ate a fabulous Easter dinner; tonight when we had leftovers Jilly told me "This is a delicious dinner, you're a good cooker like Gigi."  Then Bryan had the nerve to tell her that Gigi actually had made this dinner- Traitor.  

Thanks to uplifting Conference messages, nice weather, time with family, and remembering our Savior I started this week in a great mood.