friday five

1. This was a week in Baltimore I won't soon forget.  On Monday I went downtown to have lunch with some friends.  While there I saw on my phone that they were expecting violent protests that afternoon and as we were leaving the city there was a huge police presence.  Later in the day I sat on my couch watching the city I had just driven through turn into chaos and destruction.   We're having a stake-wide fast this Sunday for peace in Baltimore.  The cool thing is that this fast was announced a week ago- before any of the rioting.  I'm grateful for moments of hope and peace amidst the sadness.

2.  Jilly started swimming lessons this week and I had to bribe her with an oreo to go (my mom trick of choice the past few weeks) but after all the drama getting there she loved it!

3. We've been in ultra dress-up mode this week.  Both girls have had a minimum of 5 outfit changes per day which is kind of fun and kind of exhausting.  Jillian often comes into our room in the morning already wearing her first dress-up and Mattie takes me to find a "pitty dess" to wear as soon as she's out of her crib.

4.  It is so magical to have our first spring in Baltimore.  All year long I had no clue that we had a dogwood tree in our front yard or azalea bushes.  I love all the beautiful surprises popping up and the girls are giddy about pointing out all the colors they see.

5.  I kind of can't believe I'm sharing this but this website tells you how old you look and I'm peeved that not only does it think I am 7 years older but it thinks that Bryan is only 27!!!  I'll have you know that I have yet to find a gray hair and Bryan got his first when he was 14, so take that 27!  I also find solace that the website thought Jillian was 4 and Mattie was 5- clearly completely inaccurate.

Happy Weekend!


Shauna said...

I wish Peyton had a sister to dress up with. She likes her princess dresses, but I think she would dress up a lot more if she did.

I should try that website. We've had people mistake me for Rog's daughter before!

Erick and Megan said...

Oh your girls remind me so much of mine back when we just had two!

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Would you believe the only time my boys do outfit changes is when their previous outfits get too muddy or disgusting to wear anymore? So cute that your girls like to wear pitty dresses. :) By the way, I was thinking since Frozen came out, Bryan could say his grey spot came from his brother who has freezing powers. I bet Jilly would like that. :) And don't worry--that app said I was in my 40s. ;)