celebrating Mattie

Birthdays are the best best best.  We had so much fun celebrating our little Mattie last week.  She tried a few times but couldn't blow out the candle on her birthday pancake so Jilly was more than happy to step in.  We went to the "Pet Zoo" (aka the Pet Store, but the person who tells my girls that some people take the pets home will be my new worst enemy.)  Then we had a McDonalds picnic with Bryan outside his office.  

After Mattie's nap she got to open a few presents then we ate dinner quickly and headed over to the park to have a little party with friends.  I made an M&M cake and a bunch of mini cupcakes.  I'm never making anything but mini cupcakes for kids' parties from now on.  They're just so cute, and it seems like most kids (at least mine) only eat the frosting so this way they got a little more frosting bang for their buck.  I wish I had gotten a picture of all our friends but everyone was running around having so much fun.

For her birthday we wanted to give Mattie a scooter.  Since it would have been a disaster to only get one scooter we also got one for Jilly.  It's kind of silly that Jillian got a scooter for Mattie's birthday, but it's definitely for the best.  In the morning we had Mattie's scooter out with her other gifts but kept Jilly's hidden and I loved her reaction-

Such a fun day celebrating our fun little lady.


Shauna said...

Very cute cake and I love the mini cupcakes idea! Sounds like a fun birthday!