a series of unfortunate events

+ Late last Saturday night I jammed my toe when I walked right into a chair.  It turned a lovely shade of purple and hurt.  I taped it up for a few days til Mattie hid the tape and then I just gave up.  It's still tender but much better.

+ On Monday night we had a huge storm.  I went down to the basement to start some laundry and there was water pouring in from outside.  Bryan jumped into action using the wet vac to clean up the water and getting sandbags to block the door and engineering a contraption from a trash bag and a couple dowels that would guide water from the gutter away from the house.    And I clumsily fumbled around trying to figure out what to do.  In the end it was a huge pain to clean up but the only casualties were a few rolls of toilet paper that were on the floor and our 72 hour kits (that desperately needed updating anyway.)

+ On Wednesday we were leaving for the park and I heard a strange noise in our gutter. Through a crack I saw that a bird was stuck inside, and I could hear its wings hitting the sides; it must have fallen down and was stuck.  I felt so bad for the bird, and was even sadder when I saw that its mom/sister/friend was sitting on the roof at the top of the gutter waiting.  I couldn't figure out a way to help it so I was in a panic and then my neighbor came out and after I told him about it he said, "Oh, that's sad.  Nothing we can do."  We were already super late to meet friends, so I just had to leave.  I texted our landlord because he happened to be coming over while we were out and I'm hoping he got the bird out; I haven't heard anything from the gutter since.

+ Mattie is (of course) sick again.  She woke up from her nap yesterday afternoon with a fever and I haven't been able to get it down since then.  Poor baby, she just can't catch a break.

But this week hasn't been all bad:

+ Jilly found a library movie that has been missing for weeks; I knew it was somewhere in our house and it was driving me crazy.

+ Kaitlyn was chosen as the bachelorette, though I really thought the whole guys vote on the first night was dumbdumbdumb.

+ Now when Jilly comes running to me with a "Sorry, I'm so sorry, there's a really big spill" I'm hardly phased at all.

+ I used Amazon Prime Now for the first time this afternoon since I didn't want to take Mattie out to the store and I needed printer ink.  It's quite handy.

+ And I found my girls sitting like this one day: side by side, feet up, and reading some of their favorite books.  And now I know I've made at least one positive contribution to their lives.


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Okay, I heard about Amazon Prime Now, but only in context of the grocery delivery in Manhattan. Thanks for the heads up! I swear, you're my top source of useful information.
It seems so ironic that the only thing ruined in the house flood was your 72 hour kit! I'm in the middle of updating ours.