five things I've been loving this week

one- This card Jilly made me.  She is giving me a flower while Bryan holds Mattie.

two- this book.  After reading so much nonfiction recently I was ready for a quick and easy YA novel.  This book is a combination of The Bachelor and Hunger Games and it fit the bill perfectly.   It was nothing monumental, and quite unoriginal, but charming nonetheless.

three-  New nail polish I gifted myself for Mother's Day.  I can almost always find Essie polish for $4 at Marshall's and then I always think why do I even bother with any other brand??  Also, the azaleas (insert heart-eyed emoji.)

four- Lots of snuggles from sick Mattie (but I definitely didn't love that she was sick during one of the most beautiful weeks of the year.)

five-  This message from Bryan.  Autocorrect can be a real pain sometimes but this day it had me in stitches.


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Lol!!!! Love auto correct!!