Leslie comes to town

Each night before bed Jilly likes to go over our schedule for the next day (apple doesn't fall far.) On the days when we have something really exciting (like a visitor) she goes to bed so easily because she can't wait for the morning to come.  This is just one of the many, many reasons we love visitors.

Last week my sister Leslie came for a couple days.  She was nice to tag along to Jilly's swimming lesson, the apex of entertainment in Baltimore.  After the lesson we took her to the mall for lunch and a visit to the Disney Store, and so she could watch the girls while I went into Francesca's to make a quick return (maybe if you come visit me you'll get lucky and get to watch my kids at the mall too ;) )  During Mattie's nap we turned on a movie in the basement and after a little while I realized Jillian and Leslie had both fallen asleep on Leslie's bed.  That night we had ice cream to celebrate Mattie Claire and Leslie Claire's birthdays later that week.  Then Bryan watched the girls while Les and I went to see Hot Pursuit; it was a real treat as I can count the number of movies I've seen at a theater in the past year on one hand.

The next morning we packed a picnic and headed down to the Inner Harbor.  It was my first time back since the riots and it was nice to see everything calm and back to normal.  We had a great time walking around, watching the ships, and eating our picnic.  A kind lady offered to take a picture of all of us together and then Jilly wanted to take a picture of Leslie and me, which almost turned out perfectly. Both of the girls fell asleep in the car and were so sad when they woke up and Leslie was gone.  Aunts are so fun, and my girls are lucky to have the very best!


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

haha, any chance Jilly took that last picture of you and Leslie? LOVE the picture of the four of you--so cute!! And I'm cracking up at "swimming lessons--the apex of entertainment in Baltimore." :)