Mother's Day Weekend

We live for weekends when Bryan is home.  On Saturday morning there was a bike demo at Patapsco Park nearby.  We tagged along and while Bryan rode we played on the neat playground and even found a little caterpillar friend.  During Mattie's nap (and mine too!) Bryan and Jilly did some Mother's Day shopping then we all had a backyard dinner picnic and Rita's for dessert.  Jilly kept saying "This is the best day ever!" and I had to agree with her.

On Sunday morning I slept in then Jilly met me on the stairs with a DDP.  She (and Bryan) sure know the way to my heart.  They also made me a delicious breakfast.  We went to church, had a relaxing afternoon, then Bryan made an incredible dinner with dutch oven peach cobbler for dessert.  Jilly loved using the fancy dishes and now asks to use them nightly.  Before bed we walked around a beautiful public garden downtown.  I'm sure lucky to have these sweet girls; being their mom is my greatest dream come true.  

^ I love this picture because you can see the bribery chocolate in Mattie' mouth


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! And the dinner looks amazing. Rachel, you need to stop having such an interesting life so it doesn't take me so long to catch up! :)