seven on sunday

ONE- I am scared to death of downtown Baltimore.  I'm not the most confident driver- especially when it comes to skinny lanes, traffic, surprise one-way roads, and the possibility of losing service and being completely lost without my phone.  But I put on my brave pants and took the girls down to the harbor for a pirate story time on a real pirate ship (or at least that's what I told Jilly.)  After story time we walked around Fell's Point, which is a charming old neighborhood.  It turned out to be a lot of fun and not difficult at all- Baltimore, you're all mine.

TWO- We have a new Tuesday tradition.  Free kids meals + entertainment for Jilly in Smaland + stuffed animal heaven + I can always find something I NEED to buy.  Ikea has won us over.

THREE- Mattie had her first ultrasound this week.  When we went to her new pediatrician she noticed Mattie had a heart murmur.  This is pretty normal in little kids but since we were new patients she wanted to check it out so she sent us for an echo (basically an ultrasound of her heart.)  It was one of the most unpleasant hours I've spent in my life.  Mattie was not at all interested in sitting still for over an hour and not thrilled to have the goo and wand all over her chest.  I had to use every trick in my book (by the end I was feeding her smarties I dug out from the depths of my bag that were who-knows-how-old.)  But we survived and stopped at McDs on the way home to celebrate.  Mattie was way more interested in my DP than the ice cream I got for her (turns out she's my daughter.)  Happily the results came back totally clear for our sweet kissy-faced girl.

FOUR- Last Saturday Bryan's office had a family picnic at his co-worker's house which is right on the bay.  Even though it rained most of the time we had fun playing games, eating, fishing, and playing with their toys.

FIVE- We had to run some errands one day and Jilly insisted on bringing her Book of Mormon around with us- my little missionary.  Also, her word of the week is "totally" which is kind of killing me.  "That is totally cute," "Mattie is totally awake," "We are totally going to have fun at the library"

SIX- We went to our first Orioles game on Friday.  My parents, Tyler, Beth, and Katie and Neal came up to go with us and we had a great time, we even got to see a grand slam! (by the O's of course)

SEVEN- On Saturday we went to Sandy Point State Park, which is a beach on the Chesapeake bay.  We had a great day relaxing and soaking just a bit more sun and sand out of summer.  

There are few things sweeter than a Sunday night before a Monday holiday.  Happy Labor Day!


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

So many great pictures! Jilly is growing up so quickly, it is killing me! That sand picture of Tyler is hilarious. Way to conquer downtown! And I'm so, so jealous that you go to IKEA every week. The last time we went, Blake did Smaland for the first time. He only stayed 20 minutes, but there were no tears, so it's tempting me to go back and try again.