I love you Baltimore

Will the Hairspray references ever get old?  I would say no, but Bryan most likely would disagree.  I even caught Jilly singing "Good Morning Baltimore!" this morning so I'd say my work here is done.

On Saturday we headed to Baltimore's Inner Harbor for the afternoon.  Bryan and I went about 6 years ago with my family, and it was so fun to take our girls this time to explore our new city.

 First stop: Carousel.  We think Mattie liked it, but her expression remained stoic the whole ride.

We walked pretty much the entire harbor from one end to the other.  There were lots of shops, boats, and great people-watching; there was an anime convention that weekend so tons of people were dressed up- some fun, some scary, and some that forced us to cover the girls' eyes.  We checked out the lighthouse, which was quite small but neat to see (and free!)  

After walking and walking and walking we took a break at Barnes & Noble and let the girls play while we enjoyed the A/C.  Then we got a ginormous and delicious waffle bowl of ice cream to share.

Lastly we let the girls play in the Splash Pad.  We hadn't brought swimsuits and at first Jilly was very hesitant to get her dress wet but eventually she just went for it and loved it.  Mattie wasn't quite as crazy and brave, but she definitely got splashed.

We stripped off their soaking dresses and took our happy, wet girls home.  We have many more Baltimore adventures to come I'm sure.


Shauna said...

If I lived in a city with a song, you better believe I'd be rocking it! Sadly there are no songs about Spanish Fork!

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Those splash pad pictures are great. And I totally remember when you went to Baltimore six years ago because we had fun singing the song then, too! It will never get old. Not in my book, anyway. :)