library love

I was a very loyal and happy patron of the Sacramento Library, but the Baltimore Library system has blown me away.  I've been to 4 library branches so far and they've all been awesome- plenty of books (obviously) but also so! many! toys!  Every library has little activity drawers for the kids to play with, but a few branches also have a play kitchen, train table, slide, castle turret, and an art table.  One library is called Storyville and it's basically a free mini-version of a Children's Museum.  My girls loooove it there, and it's just about my favorite place ever as well.  

Another perk is a book limit of 100.  Coming from a limit of 30, it's like Christmas every time we visit the library.  (When Bryan heard this all he thought was $$$ - more late fees - but I choose to think more positively.)  It's thrilling to fill up our library bag each week with no fear that we'll be rejected at check-out 

Baltimore libraries are very well-stocked.  I've never had to wait more than 3 days to get a book I've requested, no matter how new or popular it is.  It's kind of ridiculous how happy this makes me.  Actually, it's kind of ridiculous how happy the whole library system makes me.  But, since we no longer live in a place where we can play outside 360 days of the year I'm sure we'll be the frequentest of library visitors.

(All these are library pictures, and nary a book in sight.  We also read, I promise!)


Kali and JT said...

East coast libraries blow west coast ones out of the water, we walked into our library here and I was like ummm wait... so you are telling me there's just books, no toys, kitchens, blocks, puzzles, games etc??? My kids were not fans!!

Janette said...

Our library has a few puzzles. That's it. I want to move to Baltimore!!!

kali said...

Storyville!! We loved that place!
Jenna was soo sad to turn 6 because she could no longer go :(
Our new library only has books, how lame ;)

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Those libraries look awesome!! Jealous!

Janssen said...

Okay, I'm seriously jealous.