soccer mom

For my 20th birthday my amazing roommates through me a surprise party.  Bryan and I were not an item yet but during the party he and his roommates burst through the door with a birthday song they wrote just for me (I was not unique- they wrote birthday songs for many of the girls in our complex, but this fact did not stifle my excitement one tiny bit.)  The song was set to a Red Hot Chili Peppers song and the chorus was "She drives around in a pink minivan, moving 'round town looking for a man, Rachel Anderson, yeah she's the bomb, You know you want to squeeze this soccer mom."  Looking back, it's a little embarrassing that my 20th birthday song was about being a soccer mom, but, hey, I knew what I wanted.

Last week I got to live out my dream as a soccer mom.  My mom took my sister back to school in Idaho and asked me to come stay with my dad, Bethany, and Tyler for the week.  I had a great time staying with my family, and glimpsed a tiny bit of what my life will be like in a few years when I'm busy doing school drop-off, soccer carpool, and keeping on top of teenagers (let's just hope I don't have a one-year-old then!)  We had fun and were busybusybusy.

The girls were thrilled about exploring a new library- Mattie grabbed Jilly's hands and they serpentined through all the shelves.  No doubt all the other patrons loved us.

My girls love their Aunt Beth and Uncle Ty

A huge perk of staying at my parents' is close proximity to Luna.  My girls ADORE this girl.  Mattie went around calling for "Nuna, Nuna" all week.

My first favorite book- and I love that my parents have saved it all these years so I can read it to Jill.

My dad and I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch the Cougars win.

My parents have a landline which was fascinating to Mattie, who'd never seen one before (coincidentally, I read Landline that week also.)

There is an abundance of old dance costumes (some even mine!) for Jilly to try on.  Three-year-old heaven!

 The girls took on Ty at foosball and since Jilly gave herself a point no matter which goal the ball went into,  I think the girls won

 My dad and Ty got right to work honing Jilly's catch

Not pictured: Mattie freaking out when I made her stay in the Child Care at the Y (mother of the year)

We spent one afternoon visiting the Schertz's, some of our great BYU friends.   Sweet Jenna was willing to let Jilly wear her Aurora dress so they were instant friends for life.

At the end of the week we were so happy to return home to Bryan and the beautiful flowers he had waiting for us.


Kelsey said...

The picture with Mattie and the phone is priceless. I love her face in it! She looks just like you in my opinion (not that particular face, but in general).