October 16, 2005

I have a box of old journals that is sitting in our extra room.  Jillian loves to take them out and scatter them around the house.  The other day I found one and decided to read a little.  This is part of my entry from October 16, 2005:

"So I'm totally in love with this guy named Bryan in our ward.  He is so nice and so cute, I get so intimidated and can't talk around him.  Lisa and Judi [my roommates] think it's so funny.  Last night on the way home from the game I saw him outside with his friend so I talked to them for a little bit which was fun.  Ahh!  He's so perfect!"

Yes, that was Bryan's journalistic debut.  I'm pretty sure he wishes that I still was too intimidated to talk around him instead of talking his ear off.  Now I know why I'm such a dedicated journaler- for comic relief in the future!


Janssen said...

This is so awesome. I wish I was a better journaler.

Suzie Soda said...

That is so funny! It is cool that you knew a good thing when you saw it. I am sure he loves to hear that you had a crush on him and then worked your magic. xoxo